Goals / Accomplishments

                     FAITH REVIVAL CHURCH , formed in 2007 , is an outreach based church in the community of Woodbury NJ.


Our Church GOALS of community outreach  are as follows :

1) To provide a church home to all who are in need.

2) Low income Youth Back to School readiness each year.

3) Help the incarcerated with jobs or jobs readiness upon release.

4) Help single mothers / homeless find and keep shelter / housing.

5) To operate a facility to house single mothers until housing is ready.

6) To assist men in family leadership roles.

7) To assist Elderly with Daily Health Activities programs ,medicine deliveries, physician visits.

8) To assist the addicted with programs for recovery.

9) To provide an After School Homework/ Tutoring program for youth.

10) To provide free meals to the hungry from our own Church Kitchen.

11) To provide Job Readiness and Interview attire to the community.

12) To provide Bill Paying Assistance to the community.


Our Church ACCOMPLISHMENTS of community outreach are as follows :

1) Church started with 3 members and now is an established church of many people .

2) Church has provided a Back to School G.E.T. Supplies Party for last 4 years providing hundreds of school backpacks and supplies to low income families in need , but needs assistance with annual costs of the event.

3) Church works with a cleaning company ( S.M.B. Cleaning Services to provide jobs for those newly released from incarceration , but needs large open training area.

4) Church has assisted several young single mothers acquire housing in last two years , and gotten homeless into emergency shelters or motels through 211 Call for Help program. Church would like to operate its own facility.

5) Church has provided a Men's Leadership Manual to all male visitors and members.

6) Church has formed a Tues Night recovery group. Church would like a larger facility to provide daily activities for recovering addicts.

7) Church has provided for the last 4 years a free Thanksgiving Dinner to the communities needy. Church has used kitchens of restaurants or church members and would like its own facility with kitchen and dining area.

8) Church has linked up with Bill Paying Assistance centers and provided transportation to and from facilities using personal member vehicles. Church needs a transportation vehicle.